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Fitting Skirting Boards

Prepare your skirting boards for fitting

Before you can fit your skirting boards, you need to make sure you have made the necessary preparations to make your job easier. Preparation includes;

Measure and Mark

Measure your walls, point to point, to determine the FULL length required of the piece. Remember that mitres will normally be coming backwards on the board

Cut and mitre

Your boards will need cutting to the correct lengths, and most of your boards will require mitering to make sure you get a clean joint between boards - this is usually done at a 45 degree angle. We will bring you a video on how to do this shortly.

Prime and Sand

Boards are best prepared before cutting, and before fitting. (Some carpenters also prefer painting before fitting, but others prepare to fit first). The priming process is important, because this ensure that the paint finish is to a high standard. Sanding is also an important step, especially around the profiled section because the primer will often and usually 'fur up' the material, especially if MDF is used. Use a high grade sand paper to prime the skirting.

Fitting your skirting boards

Fit with Nails

Most carpenters still use screws or nails today to fit skirting boards, simply because its easier. When doing this however, please ensure that you use thin nails if you're using real wood, especially hardwood - to avoid cracks and splits. But also ensure that you check for electronic cabling / gas pipes / water pipes before you begin nailing into a wall.

Don't fit against newly finished plaster work

Its a common mistake for DIY-ers (sorry) to fit skirting boards against newly finished plaster. Presumably for several reasons, for example - being stuck for time and need to get the room finished for the weekend / for Christmas etc. However beware that newly plastered walls will be releasing a lot of water, and it has to go somewhere. Unfortunately for your skirting boards, it will seep directly into your skirting boards. This is especially bad for hardwood skirting boards because great care is taken to reduce the moisture of the boards before supply so that they don't warp and move. We've received lots of phone calls from customers doing DIY where they've done exactly this, and its a difficult process to recover the boards, if they're not too badly warped - you've been warned.

CHECK the flooring ...

Another fairly obvious fact to the professional, is that skirting boards are designed to cover that expansion gap that is meant to be left between the flooring and the wall. IF there has been no gap, or, as a DIY-er you've fitted the floor yourself, make sure there is a gap between the flooring and the wall. Otherwise you'll find your floor moving when the weather changes, and yes, that will ruin your skirting efforts too ...

FINALLY - paint!

Choose a good quality paint / oil / lacquer when it comes to finishing off your skirting, as they will only look as good as your last effort. Rubbish quality / one coat / no frills / bargain basement paint / lacquer will look as good as you might expect ...

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